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We are virtual now!

It has been a while since our last post but we are still here. Things have changed a little since COVID-19 but we would love to come to your schools virtually and do an Electricity, Safety & Conservation presentation. Our presenters Danny, Fern, Blair, Denis and Ryan are gearing up to Zoom into your schools and present our always interesting and exciting information in a completely safe and contactless live zoom presentation. The guys won’t be on the road travelling to your schools but they are still looking forward to coming to schools all over Ontario.

During this time when we are all at home keeping safe, it is a good idea to remember some safety tips:


  1. While we are spending more time at home NEVER stick anything in electrical outlets or light bulb socket. Even if someone tells you the outlet isn’t working. This includes writing utensils such as pens, pencils or markers, paperclips or fingers!!! The Electrical Safety Foundation International reports that, on average 7 children are sent to the Emergency Room each day due to electrical shock or burn injuries caused by tampering with electrical wall outlets.
  2. During this time of washing our hand often it’s important to remember to dry your hands completely before plugging anything into an outlet. Remember, electricity travels through water so if your hands are wet and they get the prongs on the plug wet, then the electricity can travel to you and cause serious injury.
  3. When unplugging a cord from an outlet remember to grab the plastic base – do not pull or yank on the cord. This could cause damage to the cord, the appliance, the outlet or YOU!
  4. Remember to unplug all your chargers when you are done charging your devices. We all need to remember to conserve energy and stop those energy thieves in their tracks

Happy New Year from Electricity Safety & Conservation.