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Safety Tips


Tip #1

Electricity needs to travel to the ground. If you get too close, you will be in the way and electricity travels through you–(burning you or stopping your heart).


Tip #2

Don’t get too close too hydro towers. Electricity can jump one meter.


Tip #3

Never go into a hydro substation to get your ball, if you lose something in the sub station, call your local hydro; they will bring it to your house.


Tip #4

Don’t fly kites near hydro lines.


Tip #5

Don’t climb hydro poles to get a pet down (26,000 volts).


Tip #6

Don’t play on the green transformer boxes (26,000 volts inside). Call your local hydro company if there is a problem with the box (such as the lock being broken).


Tip #7

All outside extension cords need 3 prong plugs (ground wire).


Tip #8

Do not stick forks or any other improper things into toasters.


Tip #9

If trapped in a car with wires fallen near by:

Stay in the car.

Someone will call 911.

The hydro company will let you know when it is safe to get out of the car (live wires nearby will hurt you).