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New Year….More School Presentations and More Safety Tips

We hope everyone rang in the New Year safely surrounded by their friends and family. Its been a busy first month and a half back here at ES&C and we are super excited to be starting the New Year off with a BANG!!! This past month the guys traveled to Richmond Hill, Vineland, Hamilton, Burlington, Brampton, Vaughan, Guelph, Georgetown, Thornhill, Tottenham, Acton, Welland, Woodbridge, Maple, Milton, Mississauga, St. Catherines, Markham and Ottawa…TWICE. Now, wouldn’t it be convenient and energy efficient if they could just travel through chimneys?


As the weather becomes more unpredictable it important to remember some warm weather safety tips like keeping flammable objects, such as papers, drapes, pillows and blankets away from the front of space heaters, keeping an eye on any young ones around heaters and fireplaces and making sure your heaters are in good working order with undamaged cords and plugs. On days when weather looks more like a Canadian winter and more people are inclined to stay indoors it’s important to also try and conserve electricity. Make sure your cords are unplugged on small appliances that are not in use or invest in a smart power bar which will do the work for you. Another tip is to open your curtain during the sunny days and allow nature to warm up your living space and then closing them once the sun goes down to trap in that nice heat.


We hope all the schools have enjoyed their presentations and if you school hasn’t had one in a while give us a call as we’d love to come and visit you!!!