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From all of us at ES&C – Wishing you a safe, warm, fun summer!!!!

Yesterday the team gathered to celebrate another school year of success and to plan things for the next school year. We talked about changes that teachers suggest on the feedback forms we receive and different ways to keep the program current and fresh…..and we had a wonderful lunch with even better company, only Wires was missing from the group.


Now that summer vacation is finally upon us and the warm weather is here welcoming us to spend more time outdoors it’s important to do a walk around outside with your family and show children where any hazards are and how to stay safe near them. Some things to look out for are:


  1. Powerlines!!!! We say it all the time in every presentation, do not play near powerlines, do not touch them with your hand, leg, nose, toe or any part of your body. Do not touch them with a stick, toy or any object. It best to assume that all powerlines are live and dangerous. If you see a powerline down – do not touch it – call your local utility and they will send a qualified person to safety deal with it.
  2. If you see a person, a pet or something that you need in an electrical substation, don’t try to rescue them. Once again call your local utility or 9-1-1, both are very friendly, nice people who will be able to safely help.
  3. It’s best not to climb up a utility pole or port signs to them as this can endanger the workers that have to use those poles.
  4. Shoes belong on your feet, NEVER thrown up onto a powerline. Don’t throw them up there and don’t try to get any down that someone else threw up there.
  5. The best places to fly kites and play with other air toys is in open areas, not near powerlines where they can hit the line. Your kite will also fly better in open areas where it can catch more wind, fly higher and you can run further.
  6. Climbing trees – although they are a lot of fun to climb, find one that isn’t near a powerline. You’ll be able to climb worry free! If all your trees are near powerlines, call your local utility and they will have them trimmed or removed.
  7. For those lucky enough to have a pool, be sure to keep electrical toys and appliances away from the water. If you don’t have a pool the same applies for bathtubs, sprinkler systems and sinks. If your just getting out of the water and your wet make sure you don’t touch an electrical toy or outlet.
  8. Make sure all outdoor outlets are GFCI and have a cover, especially true if there are near pools or other summer water activities.
  9. If you see lightening or a thunder storm approaching, get out of the water. Weather it’s a pool, hot tub, or lake. Get out and go indoors.
  10. If you need to use an extension cord outside make sure it’s an outdoor extension cord that has a ground pin. The indoor ones just aren’t made to hold up to the elements.
  11. Although it may seem obvious, do NOT use electric grills when it is raining or drizzling outside. As with every other outdoor electrical device, make sure it is plugged into a GFCI outlet.



If you play safe and practice safety you will have a long, fun summer to enjoy!!!!