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How often do you visit each school?
The utility companies cover the costs for every school to receive these education presentations once every three to four years.

Are the presentations only available in English?
No, we have a bi-lingual presenter who can present to French schools as well.

Are the presentations done in the classrooms or the gym?
We do the presentations in the gym. This allows us enough room to set up our whole display and makes it easier for all the children to see and participate in the hands-on demonstrations.

How long are the presentations?
The presentation for the primary grades are 45 minutes long while the presentations for the junior and intermediate grades are 1-hour long.

Do the presenters require time to set up and take down?
Yes, each presenter will require 1.5 hours to set up and about the same time to take down.

What is required from the school on the day of the presentation?
On the day of the presentation the school is required to have someone present to let the presenter in to set-up their display, the presenter will need approximately 10’ x 30’ of space in the gym, three large tables and a white screen. They will also need a space in the parking lot for the day.

Do you only present to the schools?
No, we can also present to Utility Companies, at fairs and safety days.

What grades are the presentations for?
The presentations are intended for all elementary aged children, grades K – 8 but we can present to adults as well at safety days and fairs.

What sort of demonstrations are there?
During the presentations, the presenter may use their Hazard Hamlet or High line unit to demonstrate safety hazards in and around the home and community. They electrocute a pickle to the importance of the GFCI feature on outlets. The energy stick is used to show how electricity travels through our bodies and many others.