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Thank You and Reviews

We work hard on our presentationsat Electricity Safety & Conservation. Our presenters extensive experience in the electrical field, and have been trained to give consistent, high quality presentations to the elementary schools we visit.

“The Presentation was very engaging for all. Blair was very enthusiastic and great with the kids. Very informative presentation. The pickle was a huge hit, as well as the squirrel”
Michelle Solda
St. John Guelph


“I like the kid-friendly language and pace the presenter used.”
Carla MacKintosh
St. John School Guelph


“Well organized and knowledgeable…students were attentive and interested…great review for adults too! (ex. how to exit a car safety when wires are down)
Amanda Duggan
Brant Hills Public School


“Presenter is knowledgeable, funny and interesting for all age groups. Excellent balance of info / visuals / interactive displays and volunteers.”
Josephine DeProphetis
St. Mary Catholic (Niagara Falls)


“Fern made the electricity presentation very interesting. The presentation was interactive. Personally appreciate his humour”
M. Bambara
St. Mary School


“Outstanding speaker…students were totally engaged and well informed…The camera added was fantastic to see the model…Repetition of info helped students understand and remember…As an adult loved learning about the timer power bar…Real life examples really hit home for students.”
Kristina Fulford
Quaker Road Public School


“Danny was very enthusiastic and clear. He did an excellent job at teaching the kids.”
Sarah McCabe
Diamond Trail PS


“The demonstrations were excellent, interesting and engaging. They ‘sparked’ the kids attention.”
Baillie Fry
Pineview PS


“I like how the presenter used clapping as an “attention getter” – the kids listened and responded – loud, strong voice – everyone could hear – also liked how he got the kids up to dance / move in the middle of the presentation”
Robin Rychel
Pineview PS


“Fern is very relatable and engaging. He delivers the information in an entertaining way.”
Jill Mercer
St. Scholastica


“Incredibly engaging! Great power point with key points, not too wordy. Great demos. Very thorough and grade 4 appropriate and appealed to carious learning styles! Thank you for caring an putting together such a lovely presentation (that clearly took a lot of effort to prepare / set-up) to keep our students safe / inform our community”
Concetta Famiglietti
Our Lady of Fatima CES


“Excellent presentation – information presented in a clear, interesting manner”
Robin Arbour
St. Peter CES


“Good use of the jokes, you had a handle on the audience, able to keep them engaged throughout the whole presentation.”
S. Kerr
George Brown College


“It was informative and staff and students were educated on a variety of safety issues. They [the students] liked the experiments and student engagement”
Janet Sully
Clifton PS


“Good visuals and demonstrations. Also, things were explained in an age-appropriate way.”
Erin Epler
Clifton PS


“I like the interaction with the students throughout the presentation; great experiments that get students’ attention on how electricity starts….Very well planned out. A lot of hands on interactive demonstrations and humour throughout the presentation. Great presentation that attracts the attention of Grade 7 and 8 students because it relates to many parts of the curriculum, specifically in science and geography; learning about pathway-options, safety, and alternative energy.”
Antonella Romano
St. Jerome Catholic Elementary School


“Wonderful presentation. Very appealing to all age groups…..presentation covered a great deal of information…..Students were very excited to experiment with their friends to create electricity.”
Canadian Martyrs CES


“Presenter makes content interactive and uses a good projected voice. Great visuals and use of student participation. Great crowd control. There was more information presented in various ways than I expected. Fabulous Job!”
Amy Brown
Terry Fox Elementary School


“Great interactions with the students. Excellent information about electricity presented at an excellent pace with excellent enthusiasm to engage students.”
Kerry Lynn Parsons
R.F. Downey Public School


“A lot of enthusiasm – engages students! Good use of props and explains content in an interesting and student friendly way. Lots of active participation! He (the presenter) has a lot of enthusiasm and passion for what he does”
Tammy Whitney
St. Anthony Catholic School


“Blair has a great way of keeping the students attention. He taught them a lot of important safety information…..Very appropriate. The kids were engaged. They loved getting involved, the “safety first racoon”, the demonstration electrical board.”
St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School


“Very interesting presentation – he [the presenter] was very kind and very patient with our primary students”
Mrs. Susi
Corpus Christi Catholic School


“Excellent Presentation, very age appropriate. Great explanations and lots of props / examples students can relate to”
Patricia Ricci
Corpus Christi Catholic School


“Interactive…informative…fantastic rapport with students…great visuals and explanations made the presentation effective and very interesting…good sense of humour!!”
L. Fernandes
Venerable M.J. McGivney


“Very engaging! All students were so intrigued throughout the presentation….Grade 5 – perfectly aligns with the science unit – energy conservation”
Cindy Sajkcwicz
Ross Drive Public School


“Clear information…funny jokes…good pictures of real life examples…many examples / info to keep students safe…a good pace and logical order”
L. Chapman
Twenty Valley Public School


“Thank you to Blair Maye and Veridian Connections for the presentation!”
Ms. Wray and Mrs. Chung
St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School

Please click here to download a pdf of school reviews of the ES and C presentation from Milton Hydro area.

Please click here to download a pdf of school reviews of the ES and C presentation from New Market Hydro area.

Please click here to download a pdf of school reviews of the ES and C presentation from Veridian Corporation area.

“I wanted to send you both a quick email and let you know that my kids LOVED the presentation! Riley is STILL talking about it. She insisted on showing me how to check all our GFI outlets (“mommy, I know you already know how, but let me show you that I know how. AND we have to do this once a month, did you know that??” – I actually didn’t know that so she taught me something). She has shared tons of the safety information and it just makes me so happy because if she’s excited to talk about it, then it’s something that will stick with her.

Blair you clearly know how to capture an audience! Thank you so much!”

Dawn Jackson